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Can A New Boiler Be Fitted In A Day?

There are many reasons for needing a new boiler installation. Whether your gas boiler has started leaking water, costing you a fortune due to inefficiency, or broken down completely doesn’t matter. It’s vital that you act fast. However, one of the first questions you’ll naturally want to ask is “what is the average time to fit a new boiler?”.

How Do Oil Boilers Work

The vast majority of homes in the UK use gas boilers that are connected to the national gas grid. However, if a property is not connected to the grid (for example, it’s located in a rural area), then that won’t be possible. While there is a range of other options available, the most common heating method is via an oil boiler. They are effective and, providing you work with a professional installation company, completely safe. But how do they work? We’ll answer that on this page.

How to Save Money on your Gas Bill

Energy prices continue to rise which leaves homeowners such as yourself concerned about how you’ll make it through the colder, winter months at an affordable price. One way you can cope and get by is to learn ways for how to save money on your gas bill.

Saving energy at home does pay off so it’s worth taking a closer look.

How To Use A Gas Boiler Efficiently

Boiler efficiency makes sure you’re getting enough hot water from the machine, while also making sure you’re not using too much electricity when this is being done. With a new boiler, this usually isn’t an issue, but it becomes more and more of a problem in time.

By making sure your boiler is efficient – and ensuring you use it efficiently – you could save money on your gas and energy bills. To do that, you’ll need to use a few tips and tricks.

What Does a Boiler Service Include?

When you have a boiler in your home, you need to make sure you take care of it. If you leave your boiler for too long without having a service then it can mean you are paying more and losing out on heat unnecessarily in your home. This is uneconomical and can greatly affect you and your family once winter comes around.