Underfloor Heating
Underfloor Heating
Teesside, County Durham and North Yorkshire

Spread the cost of a brand new Worcester Bosch boiler for up to 10 years with our range of finance options.

Our engineers can install over the floor and in the floor heating solutions to heat your home more efficiently.

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Underfloor Heating Solutions
Teesside, County Durham and North Yorkshire

Offer your home a comfortable and warm floor with flexible heating tubing that is embedded directly into the floor. Aside from heating a wider surface area, meaning faster and more efficient heating, it's also suitable for all spaces in the home and takes up very little space.
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How Underfloor Heating Works
With underfloor heating, the entire floor of the room can become a heating fixture

Heating tubes (for warm water heating) or cables (for electric heating) are installed under the floor. Heat is transferred through the floor, allowing it to radiate over a large surface area than most radiators can offer.

The floor doesn’t get as hot as a radiator might, of course, because the larger surface area allows you to heat up the room more efficiently with lower water temperatures. This also makes it more energy-efficient, offering the same level of room-wide heating and comfort for less energy.

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Why Choose Underfloor Heating?
There are so many reasons to choose underfloor heating for your home including;

Efficiency - Low water flow temperatures spread out over a wide surface area to offer the same quality and standard of heating for less energy.

Comfort - The feeling of a warm floor can offer your home a type of tactile comfort, especially good for those who hate the feeling of cold wood, tile or vinyl floors.

Space Saving - These discreet, invisible heaters are contained entirely under the floor, unlike radiators that can take up a lot of space.

Safety - There are no sharp edges, exposed heating elements, or surfaces that get too hot. This makes it an ideal solution for homes with small children or pets.

Versatility- Underfloor heating can be installed in any kind of property and any kind of room.

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Underfloor heating installation in bedroom

Underfloor Heating Products
We offer a range of in the floor and over the floor products from Nu-Heat.

There is an underfloor heating solution for almost any home, if you need help deciding which option is best for you, get in touch with the team.
Retrofitting Underfloor Heating

Retrofitting Underfloor Heating

Ideal for existing kitchens, conservatories, bathrooms or any single rooms.

  • Easy to fit over the existing floor.
  • Low profile options which can add as little as 15mm to the floor height.
  • Available for single rooms or as a fully designed system.
  • Includes a programmable smart thermostat.
Underfloor Heating for new upstairs

Underfloor Heating For Upstairs

Need a solution for for an upstairs bedroom or bathroom? No problem!

  • Can be installed over the floor, between the floor joists or over the floor joists.
  • Options for retrofitting, new-builds, renovations and extension projects.
  • Low profile option available which adds no additional floor height.
Underfloor Heating for new builds

For New Builds and Extensions

Underfloor heating is a no-brainer for new build extensions or homes.

  • Seamlessly installed as part of the build process.
  • Bespoke design to suit the needs of your build project.
  • Great value as some costs, like pouring a screed, will already be factored into the build.

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Contact the team today to find out more about the best underfloor heating solution for your home.

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