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Air Conditioning
Teesside, County Durham and North Yorkshire

Our engineers can install Worcester Bosch air conditioning units.

Our engineers can install Worcester Bosch air conditioning units providing an efficient heating and cooling solution.

Bosch Air Conditioning
Teesside, County Durham and North Yorkshire

Looking for an alternative, efficient heating and cooling solution for your home? Worcester Bosch air conditioning units keep you cool in the summer and your home warm throughout the winter.

These air conditioning units are an excellent choice with huge benefits, from purifying the air to being energy efficient.

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Keep Cool in the Summer...
Worcester Bosch Air Conditioning Units

Our Worcester Bosch air con units are an ideal cooling solution that can be used throughout your home - from conservatories to bedrooms to home offices.

With a variety of benefits, Worcester Bosch AC units can provide:
Increased productivity: Excessive heat can hinder concentration. In a home office, a comfortable temperature can significantly boost productivity.
Better Sleep: Maintaining a cool, comfortable room temperature is key to achieving uninterrupted and quality sleep.
Prevention of Overheating: Air conditioning helps prevent heat-related illnesses (particularly dangerous for the elderly and children).
Improved air quality: Modern air conditioning systems are equipped with filters that remove pollutants, allergens, and other harmful particles from the air.

Read on for how air conditioning units also function as air to air heat pumps!

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. . . And Warm in the Winter
Heating & Cooling Solutions

Not only are air conditioning units a great choice for cooling your home, they are an excellent choice for heating your home in the winter.Modern air con units are a type of air-to-air heat pump meaning they can be used to heat your home as well as cool it.

Using AC as an air-to-air heat pump has many benefits:
Energy efficiency: Due to their high efficiency, air-to-air heat pumps have a lower environmental impact compared to traditional heating and cooling systems.
Long-Term Cost Savings: The efficiency of these systems can lead to significant reductions in heating and cooling costs over time, making them a financially sound investment.
Year-round climate control: In winter, the system extracts heat from the outside air (even at low temperatures) and transfers it indoors. In summer, it reverses the process, removing heat from indoors and releasing it outside.
Consistent and Comfortable Heating: Instead of the cyclical on-and-off operation of furnaces, heat pumps run more continuously, maintaining a steady indoor temperature.
Quiet Operation: Modern air-to-air heat pumps are much quieter than conventional furnaces making them ideal for use in bedrooms and living rooms.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Discover our most frequently asked questions about air conditioning. Don't see an answer you need? Get in touch with our team today!

Air conditioning benefits

Benefit from cleaner air and an energy efficient heating and cooling system with a Worcester Bosch air conditioning unit. With silent functions, air conditioning units can run quietly and even boost productivity!
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Spread the Air Conditioning cost with 0% finance

As your Worcester Accredited Installer, we can offer you payment options to help with the cost of your air con.
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