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At Matt Grange, we specialize in installing air conditioning units in Guisborough and the neighbouring areas.
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Air Conditioning Installation

Looking for an adaptable and energy-efficient solution to both heating and cooling your home? Our installation of air conditioning units offers not only dependable warmth during winter but also ensures a comfortably cool environment in the hot summer months.

Worcester Bosch air conditioning units provide a variety of benefits, delivering cleaner and purified air for enhanced indoor air quality. Additionally, these units excel in humidity control, effectively reducing dampness and preventing mould growth throughout your property.

The latest air con units are quieter than ever, and they are also more energy efficient. Our knowledgeable engineers are available to assist you and can provide advice on the best solution for your home.

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Keep Warm in Winter
Heating & Cooling Solutions in Guisborough

Air conditioning units not only operate as efficient cooling solutions in summer but also function as excellent heating options for winter. Their rapid heating capabilities swiftly distribute warmth throughout your property.

Utilising air conditioning for year-round temperature control can yield more space and a less cluttered appearance in your interior.

These units are particularly suitable for home offices, including those located in gardens, guaranteeing unparalleled comfort for remote work. With air con, working from home has never been so effortless!

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Stay Cool in Summer
Worcester Bosch Air Conditioning Units

Well-known for their cooling powers in summer, our Worcester Bosch air conditioning units offer versatile cooling solutions for every corner of your home, from conservatories to bedrooms and home offices.

You can enjoy cleaner, purified air for enhanced indoor air quality and better breathing. These units also excel in humidity control, helping prevent dampness and mould growth in your property.

As British summers get hotter and home insulation improves, staying cool in hot, sticky months becomes increasingly challenging. Help ensure year-round comfort and the quality of your sleep with air con installed in your home. Our experienced team in Guisborough is ready to provide quality air conditioning solutions.

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Air Conditioning Benefits

Benefit from cleaner air and an energy efficient heating and cooling system with a Worcester Bosch air conditioning unit. With silent functions, air conditioning units can run quietly and even boost productivity!
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Spread the boiler cost with 0% finance

As your Worcester Accredited Installer, we can offer you payment options to help with the cost of your air con.
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