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Boiler Flues: The Low Down

During some boiler installations we have to relocate the boiler in the customer’s home. This is usually to ensure that the flue pipe is installed safely. However, often customers don’t even know what the flue pipe is and get confused as to why it can cause such a fuss. Here is an overview of what a flue pipe is, helping you understand all the elements that feed into your boiler.

The flue pipe is an important element of your boiler as it directs dangerous gases away from your home. They help ensure combustion fumes do not stay within the home and are released into the atmosphere outside. These gases can be harmful and so it is vital that they don’t linger inside and that you are not exposed to them.

Flue pipes need to be installed through walls to ensure that they leave the property. They can be done so horizontally or vertically and exit through the roof. It is this reason why boilers may need to be moved to ensure that the flue pipe can easily reach the outside and pass these gases through the home with no risk.

Depending on where you live, the flue pipe location can differ. There are several regulations in place to keep yourself and those around you safe. For example, if you live near a public footpath, the flue pipe needs to be a safe distance away from it and those walking along.

It isn’t just the risk of inhaling these gases, which poses a risk, but the temperature at which they are released. They are going to be very hot, so if a person passes by and catches them, it could harm them.

If you are considering installing a new boiler, be sure to ask your gas engineer about flue pipes and whether you need to move your boiler to allow for the pipe to be installed safely. We are experts at boiler installations with several years in the industry. Contact us if you’d like to find out more about how we can help you with your boiler installation.