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Boiler Maintenance Advice

We rely on our boilers to keep our home warm and cosy, when they breakdown it can be stressful & uncomfortable. Relying on one piece of equipment so heavily means they should be looked after to help prevent any unnecessary and unexpected breakdowns. Here are a few pieces of advice to help ensure your boiler stays in top shape!

Our top piece of advice is to have your boiler serviced annually. As we approach the Spring & Summer months, now is the perfect time to book in a service. Winter is the hardest time for your boiler as this is when it has to work its hardest. Booking in your annual service after each winter means that an engineer can take a look and identify if any parts have started to deteriorate and replace them before they break down completely.

We also advise our customers to let their boilers breathe! Give it space, don’t put lots of clutter around it. Your boiler needs space for adequate ventilation. Without this it can overheat and malfunction. Not only that, if there ever is a problem with your boiler you will want a trained engineer to be able to access it quickly and easily to check it’s still operating safely.

Keep an eye, and an ear! on your boiler. Be aware if it starts to make strange noises or appears dirty. Odd noises or soot build up could be an indication that something isn’t operating as it should be and require a trained engineer to take a look at it. By identifying these sort of things early on you can call an engineer to take a look before a bigger problem arises.

Our final piece of advice to our customers is that they turn their heating on throughout the year. Boilers should be kept in use to prevent them seizing up. Turning your heating on for 30 mins once a month can help prevent your boiler failing to start from lack of use.

If you are worried about your boiler’s performance, get in touch to see how we could help.