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How a new boiler can reduce your carbon footprint

We are causing a lot of damage to the planet and so much so that we’re losing wildlife and risking the lives of future generations. The more we can all do to help, the better. Here’s how installing a new boiler can reduce your carbon footprint.

Old Boilers Use More Energy

Old boilers that are ten or more years old are going to end up wasting more energy. Just like anything we purchase, as you use it more and more, it starts to wear down. Whether that’s an electronic appliance or a piece of furniture, eventually you’ll need to replace it. Even with upgrades, the cost will often outweigh you purchasing a brand-new unit. With old boilers, they’re going to have to work harder in order to heat the home efficiently.

New Boilers Have to Meet Minimum Standards

With any new boiler nowadays, it has to meet minimum standards in order to be energy efficient. If it doesn’t, then it doesn’t get rolled out to the public and that’s a good step in the right direction for the manufacturers of boilers. Old boilers aren’t necessarily going to have these minimum standards and so are going to be less energy efficient.

It Can Be Helpful to Monitor Your Usage

Being able to see your energy usage laid out before you is much more effective than simply going about your day with no clue of what uses up more energy than other appliances. It’s worth having a new boiler so that you can use things like smart meters to help assess how much you’re using and what is using more energy.

Embracing a greener home is important, so be sure to replace your boiler when required.