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How Do Oil Boilers Work

The vast majority of homes in the UK use gas boilers that are connected to the national gas grid. However, if a property is not connected to the grid (for example, it’s located in a rural area), then that won’t be possible. While there is a range of other options available, the most common heating method is via an oil boiler. They are effective and, providing you work with a professional installation company, completely safe. But how do they work? We’ll answer that on this page.

How Oil Boilers Work

The clue to how oil boilers work is all in the name. They work basically the same as gas boilers; the only difference is the fuel source: these ones use oil! Oil is used to heat the boiler, which then warms the water. From there, pipes transport the hot water around the property. As you can see, there’s nothing especially different about gas boilers! The main difference is that you have to keep a storage tank at the property since there is no ‘oil grid’ in the UK.

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Oil boilers are the most popular option for homeowners who own properties that are not connected to the gas grid. Though the installation process is straightforward, you will need an expert to help ensure you’re set up safely. Here at Matt Grange Gas & Oil Heating Services, we have extensive experience in installing oil boilers safely. Get in touch for an instant quote, and it won’t be long before you have an oil boiler!