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How often should a boiler be serviced?

Without a reliable boiler in the home, you will struggle to maintain your hot water, your heating systems, and your comfort. When you have a new boiler installed in the home, you are given a warranty and within the first twelve months after a boiler is installed, the first boiler service should be booked in. You want your home to feel comfortable and that means bringing in a Gas Safe or OFTEC Registered engineer to complete the boiler service from the get-go.

Every year, you should book in your boiler service – preferably over the summer months where most Gas Safe and OFTEC Registered engineers have more space in their calendars. Without the right engineer, your boiler service won’t be as safe as it could be. You need to feel assured that your boiler is in the best possible condition. It has to be running safely, keeping your home efficient and warm at all times. If your boiler is maintained, it’ll be safe to use and keep your house warm, your bills regular and your insurance and warranty from being voided.

A boiler service should only be completed by Gas Safe or OFTEC Registered engineers. Book in your boiler service today if you have a boiler that you need to fix and maintain. Book your annual boiler service today and you’ll be ready for it whenever it comes. An annual boiler service ensures that your boiler is maintained with your insurance and warranty.