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Is it better to repair or replace a boiler?

Is it better to repair or replace a boiler

It’s no argument how important your boiler is to provide a comfortable home. Unfortunately, many people take their boilers for granted, failing to give them the needed regular servicing until a fault or malfunction leaves them without hot water and heating. A boiler breakdown can be a source of great stress, especially during cold temperatures. Understandably, you’ll consider the quickest and less expensive solution to getting your home heated again. That begs the question, is it better to repair or replace your boiler? A few considerations should guide your decision to repair or replace.

Is your boiler outdated?

If your boiler still has outdated technology, you can expect it to continue malfunctioning even after repairing it. There is also an issue of outdated replacement parts no longer being available on the market, making it hard to repair your boiler. In this case, buying a new one might be your best option.

Do you have a warranty?

If your boiler comes with a warranty, the first thing you want to do is call your manufacturer to report the problem. Many new boilers have warranties lasting up to 10 years. So, check to see if yours is covered.

Is your boiler energy efficient?

The current energy price rise is expected to continue in the future. So, if you’re using an older boiler, you can expect your energy costs to continue going up even after repairing it. In this case, replacing the older model with an energy-efficient option with an expert boiler install service may be a better option.