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Is it time to replace your boiler?

If you have a boiler that is 10 years or older, it could be costing you money! Older boilers only convert approximately 60% of the fuel that they use into energy. This may not sound too bad, but when you compare that to a new boiler, which converts approximately 90%, you can see how much wastage you could be experiencing when using an older boiler.

The main reason why older boilers convert less fuel is simply down to the technology within them. Newer boilers have much more advanced technology within them, and older boilers simply can’t operate in the same way that newer boilers do. You may think that a service to an old boiler will help improve performance. This may be true to a certain extent, but this is a short-term fix, and the efficiency will start to drop again quite soon after a service.

Older boilers are not only costing you money but are less environmentally friendly. Due to the fact that they use more fuel to heat your home, they give off more wasteful gasses which can harm the environment.

A boiler replacement is also a great idea if you are renovating your home as sometimes boilers are installed in inconvenient places. So if you have the chance to move your boiler, you may also want to consider replacing it to get a newer, more efficient one at the same time. That way you can save money on your energy bills as well as have the boiler located in an area of the home that suits you.

The team here at Matt Grange are experts in boiler replacement and installations. If you have any questions regarding new boiler installations, we will be happy to answer them. We can talk you through the types of boiler replacements you could have and advise on what is the best for you and your home. Get in touch today to start your boiler replacement service.