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Is it worth installing air conditioning in the UK?

Air Conditioning Installation UK

Is it worth installing air conditioning in the UK?

When summer temperatures soar to thirty degrees, the question of whether to install air conditioning in your UK home or business becomes pertinent. You’re not alone in pondering this. In the UK, our architectural designs are geared towards keeping us warm during winter, making us predominantly reliant on heating systems and insulation. However, with summers becoming increasingly warmer, air conditioning has garnered more attention in recent years.

The challenge lies in the fact that while our homes excel at keeping us cosy in winter, they can turn uncomfortably warm during the summer months. This issue is particularly acute in apartments, new builds and listed buildings. The excessive heat not only poses health risks but also diminishes the quality of life for vulnerable groups like babies and the elderly. As heatwaves become more frequent and intense, the need for cooling solutions becomes imperative.

Types of Air Conditioning Systems for UK Properties:

Traditional Air Conditioning:
These systems, comprising an internal fan and an external condenser unit, are cost-effective and suitable for various property types. However, securing planning permission may be necessary in some cases.

Wall Mounted Units:
Wall-mounted units, featuring a rectangular internal fan unit and an external condenser, offer a versatile and economical solution suitable for both residential and commercial settings.

Ducted Units:
Discreet ducted units, with only vent grilles visible, are ideal for cooling multiple rooms to the same temperature, albeit at a higher installation cost.

Ceiling Cassette Units:
Designed for commercial settings, these units provide four-way airflow, making them suitable for spaces with diverse cooling needs like offices and restaurants.

Internal Water Cooled Air Conditioning Units:
For properties restricted from installing traditional air conditioners due to planning regulations, water-cooled units offer a viable alternative. These units use water instead of air for cooling and come with benefits like no planning permission required and low energy consumption.

Benefits of Air Conditioning:

Residential Properties:
Enhances sleep quality, improves mood, reduces allergens and dust, lowers humidity levels, and increases property value.

Commercial Properties:
Promotes a healthy work environment, keeps clients and customers satisfied, enhances concentration, boosts profits, and protects IT equipment from heat-related damage.

In conclusion, investing in air conditioning in the UK is worthwhile. Just as heating is essential in winter, air conditioning is equally crucial for maintaining health and well-being during the summer. Beyond health benefits, air conditioning creates a more comfortable environment in which to enjoy your summer. Whether for residential or commercial properties, the advantages of air conditioning are significant. And if you want to find out more, our team are always happy to help! Get it touch to find out about installing an air conditioning unit within your home.