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Simple checks to carry out if you don’t have hot water

Having no hot water can ruin your day, or even a few if you’re unlucky! Hot water is a vital part of our daily lives, so when it cuts out, you might feel extremely frustrated by the whole situation.

When you don’t have any hot water, you might want to call a qualified heating expert straight away. In actual fact, though, it’s better to do these checks first, so you don’t waste your money by calling out the wrong person.

Here are essential checks to carry out when you have no hot water.

Check on your mains energy supply

Your mains energy supply could be causing your lack of hot water. Without proper gas, electric or oil supply to your boiler, your boiler won’t be able to heat up the water that flows through it. That’s why you shouldn’t call a plumber right away – it may not be a boiler problem, but rather an energy problem.

Examine your boiler for damage or malfunctions

If you have ruled out all energy supply issues, you can now examine your boiler to figure out what’s happening. You might notice a system alert light on a modern boiler, or on an older model, you may have to check inside it with caution.

Call a Gas Safe registered engineer

If your energy supply isn’t the answer to your hot water issues, call a qualified heating engineer who can help fix or replace your boiler in an efficient way.