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Common Boiler Myths

Boilers are confusing products for many of our customers. There are so many options when it comes to boilers and everyone seems to have a different opinion as to what is best.

Boilers have come a long way in recent years, modern technology has greatly improved their efficiency and reduced their impact on the environment. However, because boilers can last many years, some stories about how they work or problems that occur are no longer relevant if you are installing a new one. We will break down these myths below to help you get a better idea about how modern boilers work.

Myth: Combi boilers take a long time to fill a bath

This first myth was once true about a decade ago, before combi boilers were updated. Until recently combi boilers were sized based on the number of radiators in the home. These days they are assessed on the output of the boiler in relation to the required flow rate of hot water and you can have a more open conversation with your gas engineer to choose the right size of combi boiler for your home. If you frequently have baths, let them know and then they can adjust the boiler recommendation accordingly. Combi boilers are now able to produce up to 18 litres of hot water per minute, compared to around 9 litres a few years ago.

Myth: Combi boilers are no good for big homes

The origins of this myth are linked to the original combi boilers that were launched 10 or more years ago. Like with the bath myth above, this point is no longer valid as combi boilers are now much more powerful and can also work with a storage capacity, allowing them to supply homes with multiple bathrooms warm water with decent water pressure.

Myth: I have to leave the tap running for a while before it runs hot

This is another issue that those with older boilers would have experienced. Modern boilers now come with a preheat function so that you no longer have to run the tap for as long (wasting water!) before you start to get hot water.

This is just a handful of the types of questions we are asked every day by customers enquiring about a boiler installation. We’re sure you will have plenty more, and this is absolutely fine. During any boiler installation process, we want our customers to be completely confident in their boiler choice and installations. Talk to us to find out how we can help make any new boiler installation in your home as simple and as stress free as possible.