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Home Energy Saving Advice

Whilst most of us are spending much more time at home, many may be worrying about their energy usage and fear of rising energy bills.

It is important that whilst we’re all staying home that we’re still comfortable and safe. We understand that these uncertain times can be worrying for many and whilst we’re not in the middle of winter, we are all still likely to be using our central heating for large parts of the day.

This isn’t a bad thing, however, there are things you can be doing to help ensure that you energy usage is efficient to help your money go further.

The next time you start to feel chilly in the home, put another layer on before you go to turn the thermostat up. It might be that in the morning after a hot shower we just put a t-shirt on, and then as the day progresses start to feel a chill. Put on a cosy jumper and see how you feel first as that might be enough to avoid turning up the heating.

In the evenings, most of us will be in one room most of the night, many of us taking the time to enjoy family film night or catching up on our favourite TV shows. If that’s the case, keep the door closed of the room that you’re in to help keep the warm air in and any draughts out.

If you have curtains be sure to pull those closed at night, as this will also help keep any cold air circulating the room. Whilst you’re cooking in the kitchen, it may be that you can turn the radiator down as your oven is likely to be warming up the room whilst you prepare your meals.

Finally, it may be worth revisiting your thermostat settings, as if you had previously had the heating off all day as you weren’t really in the house much, it might now be more cost efficient to have it on all day, but at a lower temperature. This way your boiler won’t have to work as hard and use as much energy to heat it up from a much cooler temperature.

Try and remember to bleed your radiators every now and again as well to help ensure they are heating up properly so that each room will be as warm as can be.

We hope that all our customers and their families are staying safe during these difficult times and we are sending best wishes to everyone.

We hope that we can all go back to our usual routines as soon as possible, but for now remember to stay safe and stay home.