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How to know what size boiler you need

If you are about to install a new boiler you should do some research into what size boiler is best suited for your home. Boiler size is defined by the style of house you live in and how you use a central heating system each day. For example, are you often out of the house during the day or indoors most of the time, so may need the boiler on for longer?

One important fact to be aware of is that boiler size doesn’t relate to its physical size, but the power that it produces. This is measured in Kilowatts and the bigger the house, the higher the output would be needed.

A few other things to consider when researching what size of boiler, you need to include:

  • The number of radiators you have the property
  • How many people are living in the property?
  • How often you use hot water
  • The number of bathrooms you have in the property


As most of these are interlinked, for example, if you have a larger number of bathrooms you will need a similar sized boiler as if you have a larger number of radiators.

As a guide, if you have 1-2 bathrooms it is recommended that you install a boiler between 29-34KW and if you have more than two bathrooms you are likely to need a boiler of 35KW.

It may seem confusing or that there is a lot to think about when choosing a new boiler, however we are here to help. Our team of engineers has years of experience and have installed boilers in properties of all shapes and sizes. Why not contact us today and we can arrange to have an engineer come to your home and advise on what boiler type and size is best suited to you and your home.