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What is included in a boiler service?

Most of you should know that you should have your boiler serviced every year. It is the only way to ensure your boiler continues to operate efficiently and safely. However, have you ever taken a moment to think about what work is actually completed during a boiler service?

As boiler services can only be completed by qualified Gas Safe engineers, it is something that most of us may have no idea about. However, we like to keep our customers informed so we have put together a simple breakdown of what is done so that you can understand why it is so important.

  • Check gas rate and pressure – these are vital to ensure your boiler is operating safely. High pressure levels could be a sign of a fault
  • Complete combustion test using a flue analyser – another important test to ensure your boiler is operating safely, making sure any waste gases can be safely transported out along the flue
  • Check for any carbon monoxide (CO) leaks – CO is an odourless, colourless gas, so can’t be detected by eye, only with the help of a mechanical detector. CO can be very dangerous, so it is essential to check your boiler shows no signs of emitting this gas into your property.
  • Inspect internal components – this is to ensure everything is working as it should, nothing is blocked or faulty which could lead to a breakdown
  • Inspect water and gas pipework – another more generic test to ensure everything is operating as it should be, checking there is no damage to any of the pipework and the water is flowing as it should be
  • Inspect electrical connections and seals – part of the safety checks to ensure that your boiler is not at risk from any electrical malfunctions
  • Identify any corrosion or leaks and advise on the best course of action – due to the nature of the materials that run through a boiler corrosion is likely. These checks help catch any early signs of deterioration before they could lead to complete breakdown
  • Clean boiler parts – the buildup of soot inside the boiler is unavoidable, but a simple clean can help boost efficiency and ensure your boiler continues to operate smoothly


As you can see, most tasks that make up the boiler service are there to help ensure your boiler continues to run safely and efficiently. All are just as important as each other, as one small problem in one area of the boiler could have a knock-on impact that could prevent the boiler from working properly.

Due to the gas, electric and water connection to your boiler, it is vital that this service is only ever carried out by a trained individual. Our team of Gas Safe registered engineers is just the ticket to give your boiler the service it needs. Always doing so in a friendly manner, and there to answer any questions you may have during the process.

If you would like to find out more about our boiler service, you can do so here. Alternatively, you can contact us to ask any questions or even book your service with us by requesting an appointment online here.