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How a new boiler can save you money

Have you been contemplating buying a new boiler but don’t know if you should? The number one attraction is the higher savings you make, but there are quite a few other benefits you should know about.

A greener burn

New boiler models have been designed with the latest government policies in mind. They will have a much lower carbon footprint than older models, saving you from future charges that homeowners could be facing.

Quicker heating

Older boilers take time to raise your home’s temperature while newer models are far more efficient. You can keep the settings low and still heat up your home within minutes instead of an hour or so.

More hot water

Homes without water heaters need a boiler that can produce a lot of hot water whenever the family needs it. New boilers have better sensitivity gauges, so they keep up to your household’s demands.

Fewer breakdowns

An old boiler needs to be repaired once or twice a year. Calling in the emergency heating engineer just to take a look at it will cost, let alone the parts and the man-hours. A new boiler won’t need to be resuscitated on an annual basis, just an annual service which is far more cost-effective.

Lower bills

The cold hard fact of the matter is new boilers have been designed with cost-saving for the consumer. With a better, faster burn, new boilers won’t require as much gas or oil to function, saving you a lot on energy bills.

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