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Simple Checks to Carry Out When You Don’t Have Hot Water

Hot water is something we take for granted, but if we discover there is no hot water, it’s important to follow these simple checks:

Your Boiler

You need to check if your boiler is working. Depending on the type of boiler you have, it may display an error code.

Check Your Water, Gas, and Electricity Supply

If there is no display on your boiler, it is likely there’s a problem with the power supply. Check your fuse box.

You should also check to see if there is an issue with the water supply. If there is no water coming from the taps, there could be a temporary supply interruption.

Also, check your gas supply by seeing if the pilot light is out, or look at any gas appliances in the home.

Check the Boiler Settings

Check the boiler or programmer is set to the “on” position. Check the thermostat is high enough and reset your boiler.

Check the Diverter Valve

This is found inside combi boilers. The diverter valve may be faulty if the heating is on, but you have no hot water.

Check the Boiler Pressure

The pressure gauge should show a reading between one and two bars. If the pressure is too low, you can repressurise the boiler yourself.

Check for Leaks

If there is a leak in the property, it can cause the pressure to drop which will stop your hot water from working. Look for damp patches around radiators, on ceilings, as well as flaking paint or swollen woodwork.

Check Your Heating

If the boiler is working but there is no hot water, they could be a build-up of matter inside the radiators.