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How To Run Your Heating and Hot Water Efficiently This Winter to Save Money!

Are you worried about the cost of using your boiler this winter? While energy prices are rising, there are some things you can use to help you keep the cost of using your heating and hot water down. Read on to find out how.

Boiler Service

Having your boiler serviced is one of the best ways to reduce your heating bills and save money. A well-maintained boiler runs more efficiently and will use less energy than an old boiler that needs repairs. Book a boiler service today to start saving money on your heating bills.

Turn Off Unused Radiators

If you only use certain rooms in your home, use the valves on each radiator to turn it off to avoid unnecessarily heating a room. You can also do this to reduce the heat from each radiator and make further savings.

Lower Temperature Flow

Most gas boilers are set to temperature to give you hot water. Usually, this is around 80 degrees, but you can easily change this to make further savings of up to 10% per year. The Heating and Hot Water Council recommended 55 degrees but lower it slowly to find a temperature you are comfortable with.

Have Shorter Showers

Keeping your daily showers to around 4 minutes can help you to save water and heating costs.

Turn Off Preheat Settings

Does your boiler fire up to maintain a set temperature? If so, and you find you don’t need this to happen, turn it off. Changing the settings can significantly impact the energy your boiler uses and save you a lot of money on your bills.

Contact us today to learn more about the importance of boiler services and arrange a service or repairs for your boiler and heating system.