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How to Save Energy During the Winter Months

Energy bills tend to skyrocket during winter months, and it’s understandable why that is so. A Provident Personal Credit survey discovered that already, 18% of UK residents are concerned about the cost of their winter bills. As worrying as this sounds, here are some strategies you can employ to save energy.

Service your boiler as often as required

You are bound to use more of your central heating systems as the cold sets in. The desire to stay warm and comfortable tends to interfere with the need to check on your boiler’s efficiency. More so, if what you have installed in your home is a gas or oil central heating, it is mandatory to run yearly maintenance checks. This will cost you anything from £75 to £180, depending on influencing factors and location. To save more energy, you should service your boiler often instead of waiting for a significant problem to occur.

Keep room heating under control

You can save about £75 a year just by installing a timer and a room thermostat in your home. Energy-controlling radiator valves can help you save on your energy bills annually. These devices allow you to regulate how much heat you require at a given time, meaning you spend less, especially during the colder months. Better yet, if your radiator has individual thermostat valves, you can separately regulate which rooms require more or less heat. It also helps to bleed your radiators regularly to expel trapped cool air.

Turn your appliances off

Did you know that an average of 9% – 16% of electricity expended in homes within the UK is due to appliances left in standby mode? Your appliances should never be left in standby mode. Remember to switch unused appliances off and unplug before going to bed at night. The only device you should leave on is your refrigerator.

With these tips, it should not be so difficult saving some money on energy bills this winter.