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Simply put… How does a boiler work?

Any modern homeowner is likely familiar with their boiler by now. After all, this is the one piece of equipment that we most definitely wouldn’t go without. Forget rubbing sticks together, now we can enjoy heat at the touch of a button. Where thermostats are installed, we can even set it to come on before we get home!

But have you ever asked yourself how exactly your boiler works? After all, understanding the fundamentals is the best way to make sure your system is the best one for your needs. Luckily, the inner-workings of a boiler aren’t difficult to grasp, as we’re about to explain in five simple steps –

  • Gas or oil enters your home.
  • A valve opens, allowing that gas or oil into your boiler’s combustion chamber.
  • An electronic ignition system sets that fuel alight.
  • The fuel is then transferred to a heat exchanger which transfers that energy into hot water.
  • An electric pump pumps the hot water around your home heating system.


Of course, there is a bit more to it than that, namely because there are different kinds of boilers. Each comes in different sizes and efficiencies, but the main options to look out for include –

  • Combi-boilers (heats water and your home from one simple unit)
  • Conventional boilers (heats water stored in a hot water tank)
  • System boilers (largely like combi-boilers, only with the use of steel hot water cylinders)


Simply get in contact with the us to see which would be best for your needs today!