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Why Is My Boiler Noisy?

Your boiler may make a variety of sounds, including whistling, banging, and gurgling. A few of these are common. If they continue or worsen, though, they might indicate a severe problem.

Common Boiler Sounds

Your boiler may need maintenance if it is making noises. Common noises include whooshing, vibrating, and gurgling. Gurgling is a result of moving water, which is usually not a problem. However, whooshing might be an indication that the pump has become slack and is shifting inside. While an obstruction in the air intake or flue is frequently the cause of vibration. Unless they continue, these noises usually don’t need to be taken seriously. You can fix them by adjusting the pressure or by bleeding your radiators to let out trapped air.

When to Call the Professionals

There are common boiler noises, such as buzzing, humming, and banging. Setting the boiler pressure and removing air from your radiators can solve these problems. But for anything more complicated than these, it’s best advised that you get in touch with a reliable service. This is due to the possibility of dangerous gases like carbon monoxide being released by boilers. So, a qualified engineer is required for the task. Find the best boiler repair service in your area that can handle problems responsibly, safely, and legally. Or you risk harsh legal consequences.


The causes of noise can include low pressure, trapped air, or broken boilers. Call a reputable service, however, if the task requires more effort than simply resetting the pressure gauge.