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Why is water leaking from my boiler?

If you have noticed that your boiler is leaking water, you will want to get to the bottom of it as soon as possible. That means hiring a professional heating engineer such as ourselves to come and take a look and fix up whatever might be wrong with it. A leaking boiler is certainly something that you will not want to ignore, and you should make sure not to use the boiler until it has been fixed.

If you are curious about what might be causing the water to leak from your boiler, there are actually a few things that might be behind it. And understanding what these are might help you even before we can come out to give you a hand in fixing it up. Remember though: you should not attempt to fix a boiler yourself.

Generally, such a leak can be caused by corrosion in the pipes or in the sealant that connects the pipes to the boiler. This is a fairly simple thing to fix, thankfully. Alternatively, it might be that the pressure has lowered, which is another really easy thing to fix up if you call us out to do so. It might also be that the boiler’s temperature got too high, causing water to leak from the temperature valve and boiling water to come from the taps.

In general, if you have a water leak, the first thing to do is to call us to come for repair. We are the best team in the area for this kind of work.