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Ways to reduce your energy consumption

With Christmas fast approaching we could all use some advice on how to save money. One of the biggest outgoings in any home is the cost of their energy usage. So, if we could tell you a few ways to help reduce your energy consumption you could find yourselves saving a tidy sum in the coming months!

Both electricity and gas consumption are vital to our everyday lives. It’s hard to imagine life without central heating, hot water or power. However, small adjustments in your home can help make noticeable savings. Not only that but reducing your energy consumption can help you run a greener, more environmentally friendly home.

One of the easiest ways to cut back on your electricity usage is to unplug any appliances when you’re not using them, or chargers when they’re not charging. Even when appliances are on standby, they use energy. It may take a bit more effort for you to get up and unplug and replug everything each time you need them, but over the course of the year you could save enough money for a meal out for two!

A great way to save on your gas energy consumption is to have your boiler serviced every year. Annual boiler servicing is the easiest way to ensure your boiler continues to operate as efficiently as possible. A trained Gas Safe engineer can quickly identify and rectify any internal deterioration which may cause your boiler to be working harder than it needs to. Keeping your boiler in good health helps you ensure you’re not using more energy than necessary to keep your home safe and warm. Alternatively, if you have a boiler that is over 10 years old you may want to consider installing a new one. New boilers can convert more of the fuel they use into energy, meaning a new boiler can instantly cut your energy consumption costs.

Switching to LED lightbulbs will considerably reduce your electricity consumption as they simply require fewer watts to operate. Traditional bulbs can need up to 40 watts to work, unlike LED’s that need only 5. Replacing these bulbs throughout your house is easily done and will instantly reduce your energy consumption.

An increasing number of customers are starting to install smart thermostats as a way to combat energy wastage. This new wave of thermostats allows customers to program their central heating more accurately, ensuring that you don’t heat an empty home. We have experts on hand to talk you through smart thermostats – or you can find out more on our website here.

Finally, if you haven’t already, you should look into insulating your loft. As most of us know, hot air rises, so in any home it will eventually enter the loft. If you don’t insulate your loft – that hot air can simply escape out the roof. Keep the warm air inside and your entire home will remain warmer, which will mean you don’t need to have your heating on as high or for as long.

Whilst we all strive to live a more environmentally friendly life, any of these small changes can help you achieve just that. So have a think and see what you can do to help run a more energy efficient home today!